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Congrats to @KimKardashian and #Kayne North, Saint & Chicago. I suggest your fourth baby be named Way Out.
21st January, 2018
I’m not surprised Kayne named his daughter Chicago West. I mean he has a whole song talking about Chicago!! He got…
20th January, 2018
. @KimKardashian & #Kayne round out their trio with Chi West + Let @Qonair know which mini West has the best name‼️
19th January, 2018
I go for mine, I got to shine!!! Ayyyyy, I’m good🎶. Living spree anyone??? #mrwest #kayne
17th January, 2018
Surrogate??? Kanye West slept with Kylie @KylieJenner & gave birth to his baby. Kim Kardashian @KimKardashian is ju…
17th January, 2018
Taking bets on #kayne and @KimKardashian baby name? I’m going with... Queen West? What’s your guess? #KimKardashian
16th January, 2018