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No way. Impossible. These pillars of moral virtue, relentlessly attacking Trump & lecturing deplorables nationwi…
24th November, 2017
@JudicialWatch Need to determine how #Kasich is involved in this. I'm certain there's a connection if we follow the dots.
23rd November, 2017
Good discussion with Joe Biden and Governor #Kasich on President Trump @CSPANVL
22nd November, 2017
@hollinst @WalshFreedom I’m far from an idiot. You just want to defend R’s and persecute D’s. You’re ok with all th…
22nd November, 2017
@JrzyJoePiscopo @frankmorano IF #Kasich goes in, would he siphon more from Repubs or Dems?
21st November, 2017


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