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@BillSimmons then #Kap NOT VOTING If you did your research, KAP was critical of both presidential candidates. Doesn't believe in less evil
10th December, 2016
@BillSimmons then said #KAP wore a Castro shirt right b4 the Dolphins game False, wore it in preseason & it was Malcolm X influenced
10th December, 2016
@ViewFromBensch #Kap should have just played baseball, he clearly throws those bullets like a SS in the hole would anyways. smh
9th December, 2016
@KenForkish figured this was the best way to keep the house warm today. Same day white in background, overnight piz…
9th December, 2016
Nicely written piece from @MercPurdy the other day! Don't agree with it all, but worth a read #49ers #AlexSmith #Kap
8th December, 2016
I wish people leave #kap my 49ers alone we will come back next year and kick butts right 49ers true fan here true fan here 49ers 4 life
7th December, 2016
That's why #Kap falls short in the leadership department. @GregCosell: "@Kaepernick7’s small hands hurt the #49ers"
6th December, 2016