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#Human_struggles Toilet facilities mandatory 3 periods food everyday Money mandatory world Language Variance #JustThink
19th August, 2018
if actors and actress are donating funds for #Keralafloods what about the politicians? Come on its 100% tax free an…
17th August, 2018
My question to you today is: When do you communicate with God, when you need the things He provide or When you trul…
17th August, 2018
Did you know, one can #alien8 oneself, the real question is how one can seem so blissful about it.. #civility
16th August, 2018
@Klondikebar I think you guys should have a Klondike bar for the winter season, White chocolate outside and vanilla…
16th August, 2018
We are the ppls who pretend to be good muslims in ramadan and patriots on 14 august #justthink #facereality
14th August, 2018
From trash compactor to #comprehension, not being so "antsy" IS so humbling.. #✊ #reapwhatyousow #justthink & if yo…
13th August, 2018
Make time to reflect, because there's "The tendency to reject new evidence or new knowledge because it contradicts…
12th August, 2018