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"I don't think we need another independent counsel, they're dangerous.." #JudgeNapolitano
20th November, 2017
@MorningsMaria #JudgeNapolitano:Only Congress can write tax laws so that would make The IndividualMandate Unconstitutional by that reasoning
15th November, 2017
Anybody asking him to "step down"! #JudgeNapolitano? Double Standards are showing again.
14th November, 2017
No f*cking way #JudgeNapolitano, married women in #Alabama are STILL going to vote for #RoyMoore because they can s…
14th November, 2017
@KellyannePolls Time to ask #Sessions to step in for #Moore's place in Senate race & make #JudgeNapolitano the AG of the US.
14th November, 2017