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If geh di blow na for pay rent, make yi go blow na landlord. 😂😂😂 #Jovi
19th July, 2018
- All these people them no di shame - Sell your people for seka change - If na that one I no fit change - My hand b…
18th July, 2018
@Dadjnr @JoviLeMonstre @TwitterMusic @Twitter He is a great person 🙏 and I so much like his songs however he don't…
17th July, 2018
@237Showbiz he really need deliverance ooooooh🙏🙏🙏 #lol Like seriously I don't see anything wrong with #JOVI ..🐰🐰🐰
16th July, 2018
@crowther_leigh hahah already looks like a WILDFLOWER #Bon #Jovi #song :D
15th July, 2018
Regardless of your religous background, we must all unite in prayer today and save what is left of #Jovi's soul. T…
15th July, 2018
There is no Anglophone Problem? Well then, I can finally get some sleep! Move it along people, nothing to see he…
15th July, 2018
Jovi - Pimentcam... Hahaha how appropriate. #mboko #Jovi #istandwithjovi Our Ruthie is petite Piment. what say you…
15th July, 2018