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"...a small boy at the end of his massive lance." The author totally knew what they were doing. #medieval
19th January, 2019
I declare 0-0 at halftime. Our swords are up. ⚔️🛡 #corset #medieval #jousting
19th January, 2019
@NatGeo Sounds like one of those sports that we need to bring back to the #olympics, along with #BMX #jousting
19th January, 2019
JOUSTING NIGHT!!! FIGHT ME 👊🏼 and remember to check the !multi in stream for or fellow streamers ✌🏼#Twitch
17th January, 2019
So after a whole bunch of fiddling my cartoony @UnrealEngine #jousting game, yesterday's feathers are now a real th…
16th January, 2019