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Following @LeaMichele on social media because yes, she is lovely, but in all honesty, she is the closest I come to #JonathanGroff.
16th October, 2018
Listening to #36questions and it’s creeping me out this girl’s name is Natalie and 33. Ummm that is me!…
15th October, 2018
#DavidFincher won’t be making the press rounds so heavily, so consider his new interview with Charlie Rose a rare g…
15th October, 2018
Just saw this for the first time. #jonathangroff plus @Lin_Manuel will always be the best! #bff #groffsauce
14th October, 2018
🎶You're on your own. AWESOME. WOW. Do you have a clue what happens now?🎶 #kinggeorgeiii is the final #hamilton
12th October, 2018