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The Hong Kong Massacre Trailer Preps For January 22nd Release On PS4, Steam | #JohnWoo #BulletTime #PS4 #Steam
21st January, 2019
@VideodromeATL Are you too young to have seen it on the big screen? #johnwoo
18th January, 2019
Plain Label Podcast Volume 3 Episode 35 - Mission Impossible Part 2 featuring @EricWilliams79 and @SeanStanglandDH
18th January, 2019
#JohnWoo's A BETTER TOMORROW. Infernal Affairs doesn't exist without it. It's like the soap opera version of IA, wi…
18th January, 2019
I think A Better Tomorrow is still the quintessential #JohnWoo movie for me, but dammit this movie is wildly entert…
18th January, 2019
Watching my actual first movie of the day. #JohnWoo's 1997 awesome action masterpiece, #FaceOff.
17th January, 2019