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Hah! As soon as I saw these I knew they were MUST purchased! I haven’t seen these skits in forever!!! 📼 📼 📼…
24th May, 2018
Also , Stupid People are too stupid to realize they're stupid #Johncleese
23rd May, 2018
Oh, an #ACADEMIC. Plenty of them about. Immediately conjures up a vision of #JohnCleese in #MontyPython.
22nd May, 2018
While visiting @BiltmoreEstate yesterday, I couldn't help but notice how much this portrait reminded me of…
20th May, 2018
🎬MOVIE HISTORY: 14 years ago today, May 19, 2004, the movie 'Shrek 2' opened in theaters! #MikeMyers #EddieMurphy
20th May, 2018
🎬MOVIE HISTORY: 11 years ago today, May 18, 2007, the movie 'Shrek the Third' opened in theaters! #MikeMyers
19th May, 2018