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You only had to talk to #JoeManchin to get the price of #EpiPen reduced and you didn't even do that. How much money…
16th October, 2018
Wonder why press hasn't asked Charleston mayoral candidate about husband's Duty & Country…
15th October, 2018
@a35362 Correct - Joe Manchin is no leader. He voted yes in fear of losing his job in a red state..... not on what…
15th October, 2018
GOP does not represent us. That is obvious. But at this point to say every Democrat represents us, is not paying attention. #JoeManchin
15th October, 2018
"I don't point shotguns at people in my commericals to try to create histrionics." -@staceyabrams#georgia #vote
15th October, 2018
Get #JoeManchin ou of the mountains of #WestVirginia. He is a clinton GHOUL and must go. The race is neck and neck…
14th October, 2018