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@dallascowboys That’s because #Jerry Jones wants a puppet coach he had the Greatest coach @JimmyJohnson so fire Garrett
19th January, 2018
#jerry Brown quit using us as a political ploy to support Nancy and Chuck we as Americans are not going to let you…
18th January, 2018
If anyone sees this wee moggy missing from the Riverside area of Stirling send him home please! #jerry #jezza
18th January, 2018
The wall the wall the wall, that's all you ever talk about @realDonaldTrump I say we build the wall out of bees!!!…
18th January, 2018
#ComediansInCarsGettingCoffee Ahhh thank you #Jerry it’s a good show. Very raw material. No bullshit.
18th January, 2018


jerry allen comstock jr, sitcom character with leap year birthday