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New cover featuring one of my favorite cartoons, anime, and web series, that are popular in fandom. #stevenuniverse
16th August, 2018
I liked a @YouTube video SML Movie: "Bowser Jr's Bad Day" (Creepypasta by SirHorror) #SaveSML #Jeffy
13th August, 2018
I liked a @YouTube video SML Movie: "Jeffy's Just Desserts" (Creepypasta) #Jeffy #SaveSML
13th August, 2018
These videos are not age restricted nor say anything about violent and strong language in the comments, there is no…
11th August, 2018
This is not appropriate for children as young as 10 years old ,and the whole channel should be deleted ,because of…
11th August, 2018
Relax with my friend in Minecraft. Tomorrow I will play tournament with my team. Since Sunday we will have pause f…
10th August, 2018