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@TamaraBatesRhod It's also the sports media. They side with players because they want access. That's why I like…
21st October, 2017
@SFY here’s a sports talk show you can watch without the liberal bias crap. Thank you @FOXSports . #JasonWhitlock #CowboysNation
20th October, 2017
Is it just me or does @ColinCowherd and #JasonWhitlock seem to hate on the most physical players? What's with the #Cam obsession?
19th October, 2017
@AVD911 @WhitlockJason Major Azzhole, hope u getting paid for the shoes u wear out “stepin fetchin it for the white man #jasonwhitlock
17th October, 2017
#JasonWhitlock is a bigger joke with every passing date
17th October, 2017