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“And in the time of darkest turmoil, there is one who can unite the planet's people and save them, and he shall be…
24th February, 2018
Why does not there exist an app to make your voice sound like Jar Jar’s? I’m sure it would be a moneymaker. #jarjar #starwars #jarjarbinks
24th February, 2018
"Often those who seem insignificant can be more bombad than they appear.” Journal of the Whills, 21:1089…
23rd February, 2018
The Journal of the Whills wasn't just written about the Jedi and the Skywalkers. There was stuff about Jar Jar in t…
22nd February, 2018
when you remember having nice clothes but can’t seem to find them anymore #jarjarbinks
22nd February, 2018
We don't have a #JarJarBinks here but we do have one Jon-Jon Smuts!
21st February, 2018