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Fantastic Four #1 by @ScottyLobdell, Alan Davis and Mark Farmer. Published 20 years ago this month. #Fantastic4
24th November, 2017
@shorty8664 @mooshakins @JesseKellyDC Same. It seemed to be men in their 70's when I was in my 20s. No one asks me…
21st November, 2017
It really bothers me when my space is continually violated throughout the day. Like I’m invisible. There is no need…
21st November, 2017
@Will__NE spending your whole life trying to be noticed by will and it legit never happens #invisiblewoman
21st November, 2017
#YouWillNeverSeeMe if I make myself transparent using my cosmic ray given powers. #InvisibleWoman
17th November, 2017
#JohnByrne #FantasticFour #289 original cover art in #Hakes222! Bidding currently stands at $11,200 & ends tomorrow…
15th November, 2017