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The Trumpy punishment for @CNN rejecting Smellyanne Conjob continues #InsaneClown
26th February, 2017
@DavidCornDC Confirmation of Russia hacking the votes comes later. #INSANECLOWN desperately trying to distract attention from Russian ties
26th February, 2017
@AltHomelandSec #insaneclown knows more than generals and intelligence services. How does he do it
26th February, 2017
@brianklaas @puppymnkey @realDonaldTrump WikiLeaks good huh, but leaks bad when they expose #insaneclown corruption & collusion w/Russia
26th February, 2017
@puppymnkey Shooting at Canada mosque, this fire, Kansas shootings, none move #insaneclown.If an immigrant get parking ticket deport him
26th February, 2017
@jimsciutto TRUMP IS THE ENEMY not the press. I don't want a bunch of sycophants telling me what #insaneclown wants me to believe. #resist
25th February, 2017
Shorter Alex Jones: ''I have a trademark on Crazy™ & don't you forget it!'' @RawStory #InsaneClown #RadioTroll
23rd February, 2017
@AltMtRainier @realDonaldTrump We have a so-called president who can't understand real sentiment. Middle finger salutes r 4 u #insaneclown
22nd February, 2017