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As part of my attempt to revitalise my blog, here's the newest inductee into my Great Films collection, Ingmar Berg…
20th January, 2019
I am living permanently in my dream, from which I make brief forays into reality. #IngmarBergman
19th January, 2019
📝🎥Legendary #Filmmaker #Screenwriter🎥📝 #IngmarBergman "The Seventh Seal" "Wild Strawberries" "Cries and Whispers"…
16th January, 2019
I'm pretty happy with this work. Finally got the right pencil brush after months of tweaking other brushes #art
16th January, 2019
#Repost @__nitch #ingmarbergman ・・・ Ingmar Bergman // "We're taught everything about the body and about agricultur…
15th January, 2019