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@Franklin_Graham if you took time off from tweeting bullshit while you grieve and cry tears of money. . . then we’d…
21st February, 2018
But tell me your Friday night in is better than mine. I'll wait 👀⌚️🕑 • #hurts #hurtsdonut
17th February, 2018
@kevin_ktmooney OMFG 🤣🤣 If that was my outfit for next week, this one is yours 🤠#giddyupcowboy #HurtsDonut
15th February, 2018
We had Trixie, our little cupid, pay us a visit at work today! She delivered us some love! 😍💘🍩 #hurtsdonut
14th February, 2018
Dolph got knocked around for 8 minutes just to pull a super kick out of nowhere and win #HurtsDonut
14th February, 2018