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Whatever your craving for breakfast is, we have it at EL REY DE LOS POLLOS BAR & RESTAURANT! We serve from 8:30 am…
23rd January, 2018
@lizakoshy I dare you to go to your top 3 favorite stores and yell “HUEVOS” out loud #lizakoshydares #lizakoshy #huevos
22nd January, 2018
@lizakoshy I️ dare you to go to your top five favorite stores and tell “HUEVOS” as loud as you can. #lizakoshydares #lizakoshy #huevos
22nd January, 2018
“Every woman has the exact love life that she wants” #huevos
21st January, 2018
Happy weekend everybody! For all the brunch lovers, our eggs Tramuntana, two bio organic eggs with iberian ham and…
20th January, 2018