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Bosses have ‘no idea’ what their staff do on a daily basis, according to employees
18th September, 2018
Boss still on radio silence mode with me. 3. More. Days. #horriblebosses
18th September, 2018
My favorite Jennifer Aniston movie is #horriblebosses. Tug time and Hahas??? It's a win win.
15th September, 2018
How you ever prayed for somebody's death?? Like you really wish that bastard dies so that your life becomes worth l…
14th September, 2018
How horrible! Used to work for someone like this in Houston and was caught in a horrible flood. Greed and the lov…
13th September, 2018
identifying a bad boss isn’t always quite so obvious but, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible... here's four ways to…
13th September, 2018
My boss texted me AFTER HOURS that we have this new contract and we'll talk about it tomorrow. The contract from th…
13th September, 2018
Horrible bosses (2011) It’s National Boss/ Exchange Day. Who knew that was a day right? #hollywood #movies #movie
10th September, 2018