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President Trump reflecting on how much he misses #HopeHicks during a joint press conference with President Putin:
17th July, 2018
@insomniacx29 @That30SGeek @AngrierWHStaff Where's #hopehicks? drumpf is a wrinkled mess. Way to have some class when meeting the Queen #ffs
15th July, 2018
@Scott9357Scott @realDonaldTrump His pants looked wrinkled like he dragged them out of a dirty laundry bin too. Gue…
15th July, 2018
@stonecold2050 Well I guess the escort’s hourly rate doesn’t include ironing because @realDonaldTrump looks like he…
15th July, 2018
New Head of DOJ Criminal Division #BrianBenczkowski Represented Russian #AlphaBank with Exclusive Back Channel Comm…
14th July, 2018
@aliasvaughn Donnie's cultural prowess left the building where #hopehicks left the White House with his crayons.
13th July, 2018