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Me driving 3 hours to my hotel in time for tip-off #highanxiety
26th May, 2018
Anyone else not able to be in the exam room with their dog due to the fact that they passed out once? #bannedforlife #highanxiety
25th May, 2018
Straightening curly hair is so frightening. You just never know what’s going to happen that’ll make it go poof 🐡 #highanxiety
22nd May, 2018
As I was leaving Tampa last Monday pretty sure I was not thinking "gosh I hope this series goes 7 games". #highanxiety #ALLCAPS
21st May, 2018
@TODAYshow I kept thinking that he was gonna knock over the candles #highanxiety
20th May, 2018
How to recognize anxiety in yourself and others. Do you have any of these symptoms? #HighAnxiety
20th May, 2018
#AutisticChildren unable to access mainstream school, at home, now needing EHCP to be able to access education afte…
19th May, 2018
Did the ministers from #SaudiArabia and #UAE mean renewed commitment to a secure #oil supply as in we've renewed ou…
18th May, 2018