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So maybe we can all calm down a little bit! Mueller and team have a plan! #highanxiety #doitright
20th November, 2018
Totally relate to this. Extremely difficult to pick a 'top ten' list of films when there are way more than ten can…
18th November, 2018
@AmandiOnAir Today isn’t very old yet, but it’s already outdoing itself. Possible Mueller indictments, it’s sleetin…
15th November, 2018
@Cernovich Harry Potter, Games of Thrones, Handmaid, XBox, & Hatred of other political choices leaves no time for l…
14th November, 2018
@KenDomik I know the feeling Ken. Me more so at work but no matter what we happen to be doing. If we get that feeli…
14th November, 2018
I can't remember the last time it's been this bad. Off the fucking charts. Nearly all day. #HighAnxiety
13th November, 2018