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So, my art bro and I want to get a table at #heroescon, and we applied for #SPX lottery. I'm open commission for di…
20th February, 2018
I had a dream last night that @marissadraws was teaching a cooking class at a con. Look for my new #HeroesCon panel…
20th February, 2018
If you’re an artist tabling at #DaytonaBeachComicCon or #HeroesCon, please consider posting sketch options and prices.
19th February, 2018
I’ve been so busy today! Researching making a Dora Milaje costume for #Heroescon, brought work clothes, did more shopping lol
18th February, 2018
I am officially jealous of all at the show. Still hoping for an appearance at #HeroesCon @sheltondrum @heroesonline
17th February, 2018
@chadbowers @RonJoseph717 @MrMordrid @OddNMacabre Make this happen, sign me up for all the books, then sign my comics at #HeroesCon.
16th February, 2018
@Andrew_MacLean I hope you bring some art like that to #HeroesCon. I promise not to drool directly on it.
15th February, 2018