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I can count higher than twenty-one My bank is just fine, get your money up Gold in my blunts, it be rolling up Red…
22nd June, 2018
Who out there knew George Bush & John Kerry are cousins? Both were members of Skull & Bones secret society while at…
19th June, 2018
If I had one wish. It would be to go on vacation and party with @tanamongeau we’d get along too well. #ThatBishCrazy #IThinkILoveHer #Hefner
19th June, 2018
Every time I watch @tanamongeau youtube videos and she says Im sorry i think of the part on #hefner that says : I'…
18th June, 2018
@sourpuss____ I would die! Get married by Tana fuck yeah... Our first dance can be #Hefner
15th June, 2018
FUCK ON YOUR BITCH LIKE I'M HEFNER, I TAKE 10% LIKE I REP HER (I know I'm late I'M SORRY 😫)! 🔥🔥🔥 @tanamongeau
14th June, 2018