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After watching #Hanif #Talal #Danyal & #MaryamAurangzaib on TV, first word comes out of mouth: la hola wala quata...jothon pr khuda ki lanat
25th July, 2017
His statement is a must for exposure of Imran's gambling career. #Hanif Abbasi
23rd July, 2017
@mk_mashood @InziTheLegend #Hanif Mohammad was the first with 337 runs and highest by a Pakistani Inzi bhai 329 Yk 313 Azhar Ali 302*
21st July, 2017
Bet this moron is an Afridi fan. Limited knowledge of the game and tweeting away .. #littlemaster #Hanif
21st July, 2017
Easy, Whoa. This proves collusion with Russia. How do u not see it, repugtards? Yuuuuuup. Lmao. #TrumpTrain #hanif
17th July, 2017