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Thanks for “guns-in-cars,” Republicans. That was super smart. #gunfail
20th June, 2018
BBC News - New Jersey arts festival: One shooter dead and 22 injured #MAGA #GunFail #Resist #Resistance #FoxNews
17th June, 2018
Those who stand by and do nothing, particularly those with the power to do something about the over-saturation of g…
16th June, 2018
This is probably the third Marine from the DC barracks I've seen involved in a #GunFAIL.
16th June, 2018
.@KagroX St. Joseph, Missouri two year old found gun and unintentionally shot herself. She died. The adult left a l…
16th June, 2018
possible road rage incident?? Suspect shoots and kills one child, critically injures mother and child's brother, an…
15th June, 2018