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An in interview on what led me to write a novel and journal about overcoming shyness. #growingupshy
23rd February, 2018
Change doesn’t happen overnight. It’s all about practice. Pick one of my tips and repeat it until you feel comforta…
22nd February, 2018
that awkward moment when you’re waiting for the elevator and a guy comes and the elevator door just opens and the g…
21st February, 2018
When you’re in a roasting session and you run out of jokes, so the joke you just made was lame and no one laughed.…
20th February, 2018
In a convo, people can tell when you're not present. Stop your mind from racing🏁 Pay attention 👀 Respond👄…
19th February, 2018
When you couldn't even say hi & just stared at him from afar like an idiot😑 I hate myself #growingupshy (@Mijn Kam…
19th February, 2018
Totally comfortable with greeting strange cats. Eternally awkward when greeting strange humans. *grimace* #GrowingUpShy
18th February, 2018
Holding a cough in for the longest in school because your too scared that everyone is going too look and stare ☹️. #growingupshy
18th February, 2018
#growingupshy not being able to look somebody in the eyes longer than 2 seconds
18th February, 2018