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When your 15 yr old son is in charge of outside Christmas lights your house will look like a cheap Vegas show #griswolds
21st November, 2017
Apply before December 1st to lock in your academic scholarship and keep Aunt Bethany off your back!…
20th November, 2017
Quick thought @Davelutz22, think the bears are cursed because of the #Griswolds ?
20th November, 2017
I’m getting my Griswold on! 🍿 Have a wonderful night my darlings.. #griswolds #griswold
20th November, 2017
When you go to Publix and ask for the @keselowski displays and you leave with much more than you bargained for... T…
20th November, 2017
B&B Theatres Oklahoma City Windsor 10 is bringing the Holiday fun this season with retro nights featuring Elf, Whit…
19th November, 2017
White lights ordered w/few red/white starbursts. Pics soon! Installer “LED whites are a little intense”. Bring it…
18th November, 2017