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#greggutfeld isn't funny. Is rude - always interrupting with nonsense. Where does @FoxNews go to find such talentless, blowhards?
18th September, 2018
So I accidently flip to Fox News & the #GregGutfeld & I saw the dumbest, most unfunny "comedians" ... no wonder I'v…
17th September, 2018
I'm not being flippant when I ask,how does anyone take Fox seriously?Tuned into #GregGutfeld,the humor isn't even i…
16th September, 2018
I don't agree with #greggutfeld that kids who have public speaking anxiety should be forced to go through with it.…
16th September, 2018
@JohnKerry OK. Sell your book but keep your ass out of my idea of the US's face. You clearly don't understand the w…
15th September, 2018
@quippot If they did, they would send Trump, #SeanHannity, #RushLimbaugh, #GregGutfeld, or me in with the sharks.
15th September, 2018