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@JonMarksMedia veiled comments are awesome #Greenberg is vanilla
23rd March, 2017
The @nrl lead by that #fool #greenberg can b guaranteed of 1 thing. Inconsistency inconsistent #dopes
22nd March, 2017
@GunbusterDDG41 #Greenberg your a disgrace . You must still believe in the tooth fairy #fmd
22nd March, 2017 Comey for dummies- did u notice how #Greenberg was outraged about the leaks on @#trump
21st March, 2017
A shame when your so-called champion doesn't even turn up on the 'flagship show' or defend at live shows isn't it? #Greenberg
21st March, 2017
The blokes a #myth no heart whatsoever he fits in well with the current #Greenberg regime dickless politicians
21st March, 2017
Yep #Greenberg considering all 3 useless clubs are owned by the #nrl does the money go from the left pocket to the…
20th March, 2017