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Just got my Barnett done by this legend #kingslynn #gould @Gould Barbers Gaywood Tesco Superstore
24th April, 2018
Grabbed my crayons and PostIts to tackle the schematics of the #Gould 1604. Starting to read my way through the PCB…
23rd April, 2018
#Gould 104 / #Alps Plotter controller board, anyone? Decided I wanted the old caps gone.
22nd April, 2018
I wonder if that'll work. Put a drop of superglue on the shaft and slid the gears on. But you have to quick! #Gould
22nd April, 2018
Started poking one of the #Gould 104 plotters. Small mechanics are kinda scary. 🤔 What I found: All works except pa…
22nd April, 2018
What a nice Idea: Okka von der #Damerau will return to Hannover as Brangäne, Tristan #Gould, conductor #Repusic 28th of October
19th April, 2018