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Today is apparently a 10 year vs day. So here it goes 😷🤪😝 #2009vs2019 #loveyourself #gotland #sweden
15th January, 2019
This is official page of the Italian extreme singer Irmin. Frontman of the bands @MisteyesBand and @GotlandMetal
14th January, 2019
What do you call this? A fish warmer? Or does he just need som love and warmth in he’s life😻😹 #loveyourself
14th January, 2019
@MenschOhneMusil Visby 2018, same street with the old medieval pharmacy house (from the 13th century).…
13th January, 2019
I’ve taken a one week timeout from all the demands life has on us every single day, new directions in life, and new…
12th January, 2019
If you missed Tuesdays episode of my Gotland playthrough, here it is. #Gotland
10th January, 2019
#throwback to our few days away in #gotland and the incredible medieval city of #visby • Now it’s all happening -…
10th January, 2019