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THIS is #TrumpsAmerica. A President and a PORN STAR. . . Phuck me walking backwards. Can you imagine if it were a…
22nd January, 2018
So sad that #GOPers in Congress have had to make their own copies this weekend. @msnbc
21st January, 2018
Hey all you #GOPers who LOVE #rump because he's so honest and says what he's thinking! All that honesty is going to…
20th January, 2018
Too bad #GOPers don't respect all Americans as much as they do their super-citizen military. @msnbc
20th January, 2018
@ErikLoomis Recalcitrant #GOPers rolled up a copy of the Mar-a-Lago dinner menu and spanked his be-hind like they were porn stars.
20th January, 2018
Trump is alienating the youngest cohorts of GOPers. Poll finds that a majority of #GOPers under age 45 want Trump t…
20th January, 2018
Make a show of appealing to their donors( just for show of course) ask the #KochBrothers & the #Waltons - why they…
19th January, 2018