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Wife: "I'm not sure what kind of bird that is." 3yrold: "It's a blue one." #GoodEnough
22nd January, 2017
i gave you my heart 💜 and GOD has my soul , thats good enough for me and ill settle for that #GoodEnough💁🏾‍♂️💜🙏🏾
21st January, 2017
"It's for the reader who feels ‘less than good enough’ and for the therapist who needs to learn about this loss.” -Carol Bush #goodenough
21st January, 2017
I need circle stencils for a painting. Well I couldn't find them anywhere, so I made crap ones out of oven bake clay. #goodenough
21st January, 2017
Not being funny - but no one should be in a position to force a player to play. It's Matips right & he will have h…
20th January, 2017