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6 Additional #Scientology Horror Stories We’d Like To See Covered In A "Going Clear" Sequel --…
11th August, 2018
Watched #GoingClear last night. I never knew it was possible to be inspired and disturbed all at once! @netflix
10th August, 2018
Showtime Orders Alex Gibney Docuseries 'Enemies: The President, Justice & FBI' • #GoingClear #AlexGibney
7th August, 2018
Honestly @THEKIDMERO after watching #GoingClear, Scientology is most definitely like La Eme. Them mfs are NOT letti…
7th August, 2018
Watching #GoingClear on @HBO because, how else do you into the right mindset for their big, beautiful shows tonight…
6th August, 2018