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Dad’s neighbour is now the proud owner of an Epic Warrior Sheep. Also, I think I’ve found my first game idea .... m…
24th September, 2018
look for my stream sometime tomorrow, im more then likely to do do #goatsimulator with #mixerinteractive enabled to see what thats does!
23rd September, 2018
"#GoatSimulator's humor works because of the inherent strict seriousness of simulator games." - @Digital_Derek
22nd September, 2018
#GoatSimulator is now #XboxOneXEnhanced. I needed an excuse to jump back into this hilariously terrible, but great, game!
20th September, 2018
We all know about #TokyoJungle and #GoatSimulator Very cool simulators. Have you heard about “My name is Mayo"? I…
19th September, 2018
Feeling cute, but may delete later. Starring Totes Muh Goat from #GoatSimulator and my bomb ass hat from…
18th September, 2018