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Chief Keef’s ‘The Leek Volune 5’ is out now!!!!! • • • • • #CHIEFKEEF #THELEEKVOLUME5 #GLOGANG
23rd March, 2018
Detroit me and gang gone be in yall city for Keef show this Sunday so yall better pop out 🌞 #GLOGANG #4CornerGlory
22nd March, 2018
@ChiefKeef SOSA I admire you very much I hear your sounds almost every day mainly love SOSA your sounds inspire, I…
21st March, 2018
Why is Chief Keef the most influential rapper of the last five years and yet most people I know dont even know who…
21st March, 2018
like sosa says “imma 90s baby I know nothin bout the 80s” #glogang #nasty19
20th March, 2018