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MSNBC and Daily Beast Feature UAE Lobbyist David Rothkopf With No Disclosure: a Scandalous Media-Wide Practice…
23rd October, 2018
@Timcast Hey, Tim!! If you haven't seen last night's interview on @TuckerCarlson with #GlennGreenwald about Saudi…
20th October, 2018
New @intercepted podcast: Upheaval — #Brazil on the brink. The #Saudi regime under fire. #Bolsanaro
18th October, 2018
Would Greenwald join Julian there? A pox in the lot of these guys. Bunch of Putin's tools. #JulianAssange
18th October, 2018
@catawu @RadioFreeTom @MaxBoot Much of the time, I agree with that sentiment. #GlennGreenwald has lost his way.
14th October, 2018
I’m generally a fan of #TheIntercept and #GlennGreenwald, but I have disagree with the citation in this article abo…
13th October, 2018