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@mang0ld Speaking of music in relation to your films, have this song stuck on my head for past week #GirlInterrupted
19th January, 2017
When I became an Angelina Jolie fan. Powerhouse role, for sure. #GirlInterrupted
18th January, 2017
#girlinterrupted my friend used to say I was Lisa though because of my brutal honesty ....I think I see it now 🤐🤐🤒🤒
15th January, 2017
Watching #girlinterrupted ..used to love it with my high school mate ...she used to be "Lisa" 😈😈..she ended up studying psychology.
15th January, 2017
Cannot help reflecting on own sanity / insanity in the haunting performance of #WinonaRyder in #GirlInterrupted. #Drivenovertheedgebytwitter
14th January, 2017