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Psyched at The American Psychological Association #ginahaspel convention in sf they try again!
21st October, 2018
@MalcolmNance @CIA I know, good question that I also twt'd this week. We haven't heard from Dan Coates since speaki…
20th October, 2018
@MalcolmNance @LunaLuvgood2017 @CIA #GinaHaspel disapprove of the methods!!! You have to use bone saws last!!!!
20th October, 2018
The new versions of the #GinaHaspel cables provide a chronology of the #CIA torture of Abu Ghraib starting on Nov 1…
20th October, 2018
I have a question: Where's the head of the #CIA these days, #GinaHaspel, the waterboarding lover. Is she around any…
19th October, 2018
Breaking: Intel Drop, #Trump Ordered #Khashoggi Mutilation Murder, a “play by play” of his vivisection by a #CIA/…
19th October, 2018
#GinaHaspel The torture included being slammed against walls, forced nudity, confinement in coffin-sized boxes, sh…
19th October, 2018
FOIA Lawsuit Wins Chronology of Black Site Waterboarding Supervised by Future CIA Director #torture #ginahaspel @CIA
18th October, 2018
CIA Director #GinaHaspel, speaking from her apartment at 666 5th Avenue, "This sounds like a normal day at work, du…
17th October, 2018