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If I were #GeorgeOsborne & he has not been handed the pics (he knows which ones) then someone has them and it's a mess, for HIM #Justsaying
18th February, 2017
Av house prices fell by 6.9p in prime central London last year, acc to the estate agent Savills, after reforms made by #GeorgeOsborne.
18th February, 2017
#GeorgeOsborne when he was chancellor he was a prophet of doom and gloom
15th February, 2017
#HSBC pays $51K+ and St James' Wealth £40K for #GeorgeOsborne speeches -- wonder what shareholders/clients think. P…
13th February, 2017
At £375,000 per annum, that's less than #GeorgeOsborne earns for a handful of corporate speeches!
12th February, 2017
@BrexitCentral @AndrewRTDavies #GeorgeOsborne "will always support Europe..feel more in common w/ Euro. aristocracy than Brit working class"
11th February, 2017