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On #georgemason campus. Whoever stole my wallet that literally contains by id, dl, and debit cards, just know that i have reported to police
24th September, 2017
Thanks for listing #GeorgeMason as one of the 5 universities doing captioning the right way! @CabreraAngel #a11y
19th September, 2017
Get excited for our 1st game this Saturday by coming out to our fundraiser at CPK! #mason #georgemason #rugby
19th September, 2017
Stumbled upon this looking for another gif. we just talked about this the other night @general_devs89 ! #GeorgeMason
18th September, 2017
On Constitution Day, let us remember that the anti-federalists were right. #PatrickHenry #GeorgeMason
17th September, 2017
There are only three things #GeorgeMason is missing... dubstep, disco biscuits, and the Grateful Dead
15th September, 2017