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@BetteMidler @nytimes An amisty is the focus. Bottom line if they look where the guns are coming from, then thats a…
20th May, 2018
So, Donald @realDonaldTrump You could do an amnesty Just even a movement to disarm, well in a segment. Lincoln got…
20th May, 2018
Celebrating the royal wedding with a @camdencyclists ride around the Royal Parks 👑👑👑 We’ve made it all the way to H…
19th May, 2018
So if someone has a name tag on that says Geoff, is his name pronounced Jeff or "Gee-off"? Hate to go all Carlin he…
18th May, 2018
@ChanelRyan Hey Chey! Your not on the Wedding list.. You should be! Well you know, its in the 'pudding' #geoff
18th May, 2018
Wow I haven't been on since 1983 I hope people notice this lemme put a hashtag I need attention #awsten #otto #geoff
16th May, 2018