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My day was filled with all the things I love!!!! 💜💜💜💜 #geoff #bae #foods #books #ID #concert #bubbles
28th April, 2017
@ColdstreamFC I love this picture! It represents everything. I'm pleased to see the day, & friends with family, who…
27th April, 2017
It's Victorian Government House, 26th of January, 2017. You turn up, & an official event can be recorded. #geoff
27th April, 2017
I find the interaction, It's a test! I'm very happy to participate. Do we have something in common. I think so. #geoff
27th April, 2017
@ColdstreamFC Had a great day Anzac Day 2017. A great game, and weather held off. #geoff
27th April, 2017
"She'll be here soon, you know..." "Mother." "So she still wants you to be King?" "We are not as friendly as we used to be." #Geoff #Richard
26th April, 2017