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@BigBootyRudy22 "Used to"? 😳 Its the #GenXers that got you trippin. 90s babys' always got you straight. #madonna
10th November, 2018
I hate that #genxers harass the younger gens. We started the trend of holding people accountable no matter who it…
8th November, 2018
To what extent will #genXers figure in deciding key races in the #MidtermElections2018 ?
6th November, 2018
This! Fuckin #BabyBoomers and #GenXers need to know this and stop infantilizing us.
5th November, 2018
It’s official I’m old! I’m at the mall and noticing that the 80s are making a come back. I peaked in the 80s so thi…
3rd November, 2018