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@kamaalrkhan Thank God there will one good thing- Teri kas ke maregi! Beta iske baad teri baari #gandu
19th May, 2019
@one_by_two If you add "u" in your name excluding "at" then it's "ulu" ,rest add this "ka patta" 🤣😉 There is no si…
17th May, 2019
What is the #Truth behind the relationship between the #Commandos posted at #10thJanpath & #RahulGandhi ?! Who's…
11th May, 2019
@king_Hector02 @AdnanSamiLive @RoyaSamiKhan Abay Maadar Choth - He is “Adnan Sami” & travels all over the world !! #Gandu
11th May, 2019
@Chopdasaab no..let the #gandu go on till may 19th. thu bolte raho @sampitroda
10th May, 2019