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Yes, there really are a load of #gammons moaning about #StormAli being politically correct 😳😯🙄🤔
19th September, 2018
@Haggis_UK @Andrew_Adonis There will not be enough votes to stop #Brexit in this sitting of parliament. After the o…
19th September, 2018
@MarieAnnUK Maybe we could call it the Patriots Vote? THAT'LL make the #Gammons have seizures 🤣 #Remain
18th September, 2018
@dtaylor5633 @gsthomsons But they’re not foreign, they’re British. #Gammons and #Kippers, ye canna make it up. I bl…
18th September, 2018
Why do most of these remainer wastrels seem to be angry middle aged bald white men? 🤔 #gammons
17th September, 2018
Just released a tear, not a lickle pee, popping a foil oxo cube in a frugal stew, two veg and a sausage. Reminded m…
16th September, 2018
Hardly a massive turnout, the again, these are hardcore fascist Brexit living twats #Fascism #NF #EDL #Gammons
15th September, 2018