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You didn't do so well in your last road or #MTB race & have questions on #training, #nutrition & how best to prepar…
14th February, 2018
This is a perfect way to say Goals ! I want my girl to support me through everything I do. Through ups and downs yo…
13th February, 2018
Allah S.W.T dah aturkn masa depan kita. So, just let time will go on as Allah S.W.T already planned for us. Only re…
13th February, 2018
Ok but like honestly I’m ready for these next 3 years of high school to fly by so I can leave this island and move to LA✌🏽 #futurelife lol
13th February, 2018
working hard will pay off in the future. @jessica_limardo #futurelife #yeet
11th February, 2018