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A few @elevation_wrshp songs in the morning...I'm focused & pumped to see what God's gunna do today! #Fullness #ICantBelieve #MightyWarrior
8th December, 2016
A miracle can happen now For the Spirit of the Lord is here! #Fullness d(^_^)b
7th December, 2016
#Gratitude unlocks the #fullness of life. It turns what we have into #enough, and more. It turns…
4th December, 2016
Pour it out, let you Your love run over🎵 #Fullness - @elevation_wrshp
4th December, 2016
"Pour it out, let Your love run over Here and now, let Your glory fill this house"🙌🏼🎶 #fullness
3rd December, 2016
The best people are the ones who makes others understand the #fullness of life.
3rd December, 2016