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Who's ready for the weekend even though it's only Monday? 😴 #tired #Mondayblues #summer #skin #skinbrands
21st May, 2018
“Used to like bitches with hair permed, Now I like it "natural, actual, factual" Naps & shit, bougie, still do ratc…
20th May, 2018
Wonder if that youngster at the start ever got the contract he wanted 🤔 #FreshFaced
20th May, 2018
Just washed my new hair for the first time and it feels SO much shorter in the shower! Also, pleased as punch that…
17th May, 2018
Have you seen our brand spanking new website? We're rather pleased with it - go and check it out! And while you're…
15th May, 2018
Not for nothing, but my skin looks fucking AMAZING. #freshfaced #preggoglow #maybe
14th May, 2018